It’s Nuts

This was my first collection which I did via Amazon. It’s available as a printed book and there’s a Kindle version.

It’s available HERE

The title poem was what got me started writing poems a few years ago. We’d been to one of the supermarkets and couldn’t believe the nuts we bought were from such a wide range of countries. Here it is:


It’s Nuts
I had a little nut tree nothing would it bear,
So I popped out to the Co-Op to see what they had there.

There were hazelnuts from Turkey, pistachios from Iran.
There were pine nuts grown in China, and cashews from Vietnam.

Lovely shiny walnuts from the land of Dracula
The label said “the forests of Transylvania”.

But the Co-Op didn’t stock all the nuts that were on my list
So I thought I’d drive Sainsbury’s to find the ones I’d missed.

Brazil nuts from Bolivia, their cashews from the States
Flaked almonds from Italy imported in huge crates.

Then driving home, I saw a sign handwritten in white chalk
It clearly said “Wet walnuts! Please take the next left fork.”