The Oyster Boy, Mermaid & Other Poems

This is a new collection of poems from Joan Norlev Taylor

Adrian May writes:
Highly readable but never lacking depth, Joan Norlev Taylor is a fine poet whose subjects show a rare sensitivity and immediacy. Her verse is fluently lyrical and sometimes playful, showing a subtle kindness and intelligence. The title poem, The Oyster Boy, its like a novel in a short poem: detailed, containing a whole life and fun  to read for all ages. A great collection.

Lazily the diamond forest lies
stretching wide to bed the weary skies.
Crickets sound the throb of drooping heat,
rustling twigs percussion heavy feet.
Glint the sunlight, drip the rain
on leaves that lick our muscles’ pain.
Peaks cast shadows like a veil
hiding our contorting trail.
Birds shriek night-calls, squeaks and hoots
as we sit down, and take off boots.
Flowers puncture green with razory pinks.
Fans of ferns, the tree-root kinks
and bending boughs confuse the way.
The fruity ball of sun has finished play.
We camp beside a river growing grey:
the tent our shelter, beans our prey;
another night, amid the sleep in which we dream
of houses, air-conditioning and ice-cream.

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