Robin Hood’s Bay

A collection of forty-four dance tunes suitable for English ceilidh dances: jigs, polkas, hornpipes, marches, waltzes, mazurkas and reels. They are playable on many folk instruments including accordion, melodeon, flute, recorder, fiddle and bagpipes. Most tunes are in the keys of D, G, C, F and relative minors. Chords are not included as we believe string and keyboard players prefer to choose their own.
Val Woollard and Simon Haines composed these tunes to be played by bands they have been in including: Bass Instincts and  The Hosepipe Band.

Sample MP3 versions of some of the tunes included in the collection.
Cherry Green / Corelli Jig
My Modalin / The Gai Logis
Ginger Smart / Sunday in Imola

The albums these tunes are from can be downloaded from Bandcamp

Stripper’s Waltz

Waltzing for pleasure and profit 
Polstead Meadow
Hell’s Bells

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